The Reelay fabric 

This signature and iconic foundation of Ryvelle is all about the magic spot between premium comfort and elegant looks. For you, it is something you wear. For us, it is thousands of hours of engineering put into passionate craftsmanship.

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The Reelay fabric is designed to follow your every move, wherever you go. It’s made for everyday life, providing comfort and support exactly when you need it.
When we started the product development we had three main things in focus; comfort, sustainability and functionality. We wanted to make a flexible fabric that gives the ultimate support, balanced with the look of a matte and exclusive finish. 
The how

Every textile starts with knitting a base greige. This is where the base of the fibre structure is made. The finer the quality of the base is, the tougher it stands for different kind of treatments. Normal procedure is to use chemicals to make the base softer, but we don’t. Instead we achieve this by physical treatment. By brushing. This gives an ever lasting softness that stays the same through time because the treatment is permanently made on the fibres. This gives a unique character to the surface that isn’t achievable with chemicals.
Crafted for life

By physically treating the fabric, we give every individual fibre a chance to move in an organized chaos, which has a lot of functional benefits. The method loosens on unwanted pre-tension from the knitting process, which makes the garment shrink less in washing. The brushed fibre structure also gives your skin a greater ability to breathe, and the material to dry fast. Realignment of fibres is also known for making it easier getting rid of dirt particles in cold water. That’s why we don’t recommend washing our garments higher than 30 degrees celsius, simply because there is no need to.
To make the most out of the material, we had to re-think our garment design. Mostly because industry standard is to use fibre elasticity length wise. This means that normally, fibre length is fully recoverable on the garments length, but not-so-recoverable in width. You may recognize this from your old t-shirts or tights after washing them a few times, they tend to get back to the same or even shrinking in length, but remains quite loose in width because the elasticity is over-stretched. Frankly speaking, the whole industry is focused on one single body type, with different body heights.
We go the other way around. We see significant difference among body types with the same heights. Waists, hips, thighs, chests and shoulders, no body looks the same. That’s why we focus on the flexibility in width, to fit as many different body types as possible at the same height.Our fibre direction means that you can stretch our tights to fit your length and they will stay there, without sacrificing anything in fit or hold. The flexibility in the material gives us the opportunity to design patterns to fit a wide range of measurements. No matter your body type, the fabric will remain in touch with your skin comfortably.

All these procedures is made before the final stitching. That makes sure the material is in a completely balanced state, before we transform it into state of the art apparel. The process is on microscopic levels, but we are confident the small details takes your experience to the next level. You will love the difference.